Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 brings lots of snow!

Every new year brings something new, but in the school system there is one tradition that is always followed. That is to complain about the length of the school year! This year,however, it may be a very long one! the school year ends on June 22, but i may be pulled out early for physical needs.... sailing! This December the traditional topic that us school kids whine about has been altered slightly. This year there has been a three day early opening to winter break, this caused my school system to use up its snow days. While i continue to enjoy the snow, i am frightened to think about the terrible changes this may create at the end of the year. We may have to stay in school until July, and that means less time for sailing!

pushing aside this small annoyance, comes the larger one of the cold high winds! The winds that i have been receiving at home have made birdhouses fly, trees fall and worst of all ( for my family at least) Halloween eyeballs go astray. Though, with that last problem the whole neighborhood knows of the Frye's and their strange obsession with Halloween. They are very good with returning our runaway yoga balls painted like eyes. What a strange neighborhood. Aside from eyeballs, the winds must be causing some wear and tear on the beloved Shoal Survivor, who has not been grounded for winter, although she is winterized. My dad is one of the insane people out there, who will do strange acts. Dad and I both are rock climbers, but there's no adventure in that anymore.... no we ice climb! and hike. and ski. and attach eyeballs to the roof. and go on long bike rides. and ice climb blind folded (that one is only dad. i have more sense than that.). Above all else... we never stop sailing! the Shoal survivor is still in the water because we are going out this weekend; although we may go ice climbing... depends on the ice. Dad went out last weekend, when it was too windy to go out for a simple bike ride! apparently there was only one other sailor crazy enough to try those icy waters, and icy they were! the only reason dad could tell was because of the tracks broken through the ice!

the family will be taking a weekend and sleeping on the boat this month. We have installed a new heater! this amazing device will let us survive, and hopefully not turn us into a walking Frosty! Well, we will face the wind triumphantly, and perhaps learn that Dad, for once is right, at least when he tells us that the boat is no longer cold!

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