Monday, January 4, 2010

how to entertain kids at the dock

Here's a simple problem that I see all of the time, and try to correct. Parents dock the boat. Kids explore about 5ft around the boat. Mom and Dad are afraid the kids are going to escape. Kids get stuck on the boat, or on the dock.
okay what are the kids going to do? Play with a boring crab or go watch TV? TV wins all the time! My solution, i start fishing off the back of my boat, making noise to attract my soon-to-be friends. Kids pop their heads out; what's the noise..... WOW a real live fishie! depending on the area, and the kids, this idea can vary. My dad found out long ago that my favorite thing on our small cat was the minnow trap. The things you use to catch bait, the contraptions that reek and your wife tells you to throw out? Yeah, that. ever since i can remember i have been experimenting on various food for fish using this great invention. my favorite: hot dog and old fish heads. Disgusting? Yes. Fun? Yes. interesting? Yes. Are the kids into it? Well lets put it this way, if the kids can get dirty, or see something different, even if it's something that you take for granted, it could be the coolest thing in the world that you overlooked. In a kid's eyes this sort of discovery makes them the next Einstein. Be prepared for showing fish heads to other boats, and of course there is one thing u must have: an aquarium, or a bucket at least!
My favorite past time. Even my friends like it, and we are in high school! although.... keep disgusting to a minimum if you don't want dirty looks from rich boat owners..... though the rich kids think that it's as cool as the rest of them.

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