Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rockhall Creek Sailing Reunion

Last year my dad was invited to go with a group of great sailors to Rockhall creek. As my friend was leaving that summer to move to the Ukraine, I also invited her. For those who were there, I am sure that they will agree that it was a great time.
Once again, we are going to go with them this year. Same as last year, I have invited a close friend to come with us. Hannah is going to come with us as we sail from Deal, Maryland to Annapolis, Maryland, to Rockhall Creek, Maryland. My family is going to go to the boat this Monday after my school gets out and then we shall sleep over at the boat. We will be home on Friday after this year's adventure in the great Chesapeak Bay.
I will write again when we dock back in Deal, so untill then, Happy Father's Day! I know that my dad will have a great day and week!