Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sailing in NY? I don't think so!

Well, i haven't recentally gone to the boat, what with midterms and spanish PALS, i really haven't had the time. Dad has gone a lot this winter, though. last time he went to the boat, he said that our boating neighbour has, once again, let his boat sink. his boat keeps sinking about three feet untill it his the bottem. the boat is no longer good for firewood, and this man keeps reflaoting his boat! We are wondering if the dockmaster, Mr.Phipps, has called the man, or if by this time, has just decided to let things lie where they may.
Currently, my family is in a hotel ( Country inn & suites) in Big Flatts New York. We are visiting my mom's family that lives up here. Although Dad and I are in the country, we can't resist a fun sport when we see it! Yesterday, Dad and I went skiing on one of the mountains. While there was not much natural snow, it was freezing! When Dad and I looked at the car's thermometer, it was -1 degrees farenheight on the base of the mountain! that means that it never reached above 0 on the mountain! The Susquahanah river was frozen! not to mention one of the great lakes, although i forget which one. I am glad that Dad and I didn't decide to sail up here, otherwise i may be typing this with 9 fingers instead of 10!
Well, happy sailing, and i hope that this fridige weather doesn't stop anyone's dreams of a winter trip!

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