Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Duck and Cover!!!!!

I was reflecting on the past adventures that i have had on my boat in the past year, and i realised that one of my favorite stories was never told, so here we are! It began before my friends began to move apart... Michelle (known as Shell), who is now in the Ukraine, wanted to go on the new boat before she moved, so i found the perfect opportunity. Dad's group of sailing friends invited my family to a get together in Rock Hall Creek. It would be a three day adventure, so i decided that i wouldn't be able to stand my family by myself that long. That's when i invited Michelle along. Michelle has a really big family. She has two brothers, David and James, Three sisters, Kasha, Emily and Ania. She wanted to escape her family as much as i wanted to mine.
Well, we stopped a couple places, and had a great time! i remember when we went swimming and i got her freaked out about the Jelly fish, so we wore long sleeved shirts, long pants, socks and each of us had a glove... We had a blast! When we finally got to Rock hall, we walked around and had some fun in a pool where we splashed some collage kids.... who in return splashed us.... we won! We were hungry after that, so it was dinner time with the sailing people!
i didn't know any of them, so i sat between a man who taught English and Shell. Shell and i split something because we wanted to try what the other person got. the man next to me and i talked for a while, and so did shell. He finally said " i have never had a crab... I'm going to try it today!" so when his crabs came out he said " okay i have NO idea how to do this" well neither did i so the next thing i saw was a mallet coming down upon a poor crab! i hollered " Duck and Cover!" without thinking about it! All of a sudden the poor crab's leg flew across the table and hit the window! all conversation at the table ceased. half the people almost fell to the ground laughing and the other half were asking me how i knew what was going to happen. I had to explain that i had no clue why that came out of my mouth, and we had a great dinner after that!
When we got Shell home, all she could say was how she wished that we had left the boat at the dock... wait, why was the house still moving? we still laugh about that whenever we get to it. I do have some odd friends, but anyone who can hold bread basket up to her face during dinner to keep flying limbs out of her face and eat at the same time, is a very talented person indeed!

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