Friday, November 20, 2009

I see Crabs in the future.....

A while ago, i found out that i adore crab cakes.... of course my favorites come form my favorite island... let's hear it for tangier island! So i was half heartily day dreaming about owning one crab trap just to see if i could catch any fair sized ones... and it looks like someone decided to grant my wish! One of the long days that dad and i have spent on the boat doing a whole lot of small stuff, i got one of those rare five minute breaks, and i went exploring around the dock and the old run down house of the dock master's. The dock master's son used to be in the crabbing business, but he stopped years ago (or something like that). So the tool shed is full of old equipment that will never get used, and is currently rotting away. Well, apparently sometime in the past ten years or so, someone at the dock ran over a crab trap, and threw it into the reeds near the dock. During my five minute break i got a wire brush and started fixing the trap up. All i needed was ten minutes, a piece of string, a couple cable ties and the wire brush to fix the trap. It was actually in manageable shape! Let's just say that dad got involved and feeding my sick humor, biologist's view point, and curiosity, told me to go pull up one of the fish carcasses that are constantly rotting near the pilings of the dock from the fishing boats that use the dock. lovely. I got one of the steak knives, used the boat hook, and sparing the great details i hooked the fish behind the head and the spinal cord and hoisted him up on the dock. This would have gone great except for the fact that someone was having their wife, who NEVER comes to the boat, over, and i thoroughly grossed them out. Next i found out that i couldn't wash the dock off because the dock had been winterized. Great.
Put the huge fish head in the trap and pulled out two small crabs. not bad. Crabbing season has definitely ended, so it's back to doing my homework and singing Christmas carols until i can get anymore fish.... which reminds me.. last time i put my fish trap in the water i got some of the same species of fish that i encountered when i was down in Chinqoteauge. see through, silver streak on the side, and a pug nose. I wonder why they are here.. more mysteries for the fish girl!

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