Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Talking to engines 101

It all began when my dad and i wanted to go on a relaxing sailing cruise last weekend. My friends all had church, or had some homework, babysitting, or soccor to do, so i invited my one frined who went out on the last boat. She one year younger than I, so we never see each other, but we have a great time anyway. Well, there wasn't much wind, so we used a little sail and went to our favorite beach. dad stayed on the boat, while i decided to take the Dingy out. i couldn't get the thing to start and niether could dad, at first, so we had to sit at the boat with the moter (shirley) in neutral. After talking with Shirley, and reminding her how beutiful a moter she was, we were finally given the okay to go. Dad suggested to take the gas can, and i thought that he had stowed on the dingy while he was fiddeling with the moter. He didn't. After we went to "shark tooth beach"- a beach that is covered with fossilized shark teeth- My friend, Emily, and I went to the next beach. After we got there we walked up and down the beach seeing if there was anything of interest on the beach. The tide was as high as i have ever seen it, because of all of the rain in the area. it was over some of the docks, not ours but still!

I decided that i would let Emily try her hand at steering the Dingy. I have my license for boating, but she dosn't, although i trained Em to be a Safety patrol, and iv'e known her for a couple years now, so i can trust her. We pushed the dingy off the beach and after squeeling from the icy chill of the fridgid water, we hopped in and i started the motor, as i congradulated Shirley on her looks. Started very quickly, very good, but i should have known that something was up. Shirley never starts when i want her to.

about half a mile or so away from the shoal survivor, and the engine stops. Great. i fiddle with it and manage to go a couple more feet. Emily and i encourqage Shirley as well as we could. No change. I finally think to check the fuel... and no fuel. no fuel can. Crud.

A while ago, dad and i spent the night on the boat fixing a few things. After we were done we went out on the dingy and went fishing outisde of the Jetties. We got stopped by the police. fishing licenses, life preservers, a boating license for me, whistle... ect. no whistle. "we can yell" was the lame excuse my dad gave. So, we got a free whistle with the words "know before you go. Take a boating course." etched on the whistle. ironic that i should need that whistle to call my dad when i knew that i needed fuel before i went. Well, i blew that whistle, by the way, it is a great dog whistle. Dad never heard the whislte- funny i can STILL hear it- but heard the dogs going crazy just offshore, and all of the owners trying to get thier dog to be quiet. i was standing up and waving my arms insanly. my frined almost fell off the dingy she was laughing so hard! i'm going ot get her or that some day!

in the end, i have no dignity now, and this is another story that will go down in the frye family stupidness folder. Great. oh and Sorry to all of those poor pups!

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